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Mobile Web design services  - affordable mobile websites quickly!

Do you still believe mobile websites are only for large companies, aren't necessary for your business or are too costly for you to provide?

  • Over 25% of web site access in the US is by users who only use a mobile smart phone.
  • The cost of 'unlimited data' plans has created a rapid increase in adoption of mobile web access by everyone.
  • The number of world wide mobile subscribers increased from 4.6 billion in 2009 to 5.3 at the end of 2010...or 77% of the worlds population.
  • The number one use of mobile data is to search.

The immense popularity of Androids, iPhone and tablet devices has caused this rate of adoption to continue its rapid increase into 2011.  The volume of internet traffic being transferred via smart phones is expected to exceed the traffic from traditional devices (laptops/desktops) by 2015. 

Anyone who wants to have viable Internet presence needs to have a working mobile website.  And now you can.

Until recently, a mobile website would cost several thousand dollars to create and host.  Thankfully the development tools and standards have improved, and high quality, affordable mobile websites can be created quickly.  Enable Technology can provide a mobile version of your website for as little as $149.

Why do I want to provide a mobile website to my website visitors and customers?

EnableTechnologyMobileThis is an easy one.  All of us have experienced trying to look for a website while we are on our phone so we can find the address, locate the phone number, check the hours of operation, etc.  Once you find the website, trying to move around on the screen of your phone and locate the needed information can become frustrating quickly.  Oftentimes you can't find it - so then you try to google hoping the details will come up from some other webpage.    Even worse, when you do find it;  you often have to remember the phone number so you can try and call it or write down the address so you can go search for it on a map.

Imagine this is your customer and they are trying to locate you.  They may give up.  They may google and find another company that offers the same services, but has a very easy way to find the information so they call them instead!  A mobile website can help you avoid all of this.

How effective is your website on a mobile device?  Google has a basic tool where you can enter your URL and see how most mobile devices will present your site.  It is a basic tool, as you cannot set any paramaters or get details on specific compability of your site elements; but it gives you a quick snapshot of what a mobile visitor will likely see.  Show me my website on a mobile device.

A few benefits of a providing a custom mobile version of your webiste for you and your customers.

  1. When you show them the phone number,  they can click ONE button and the phone will dial you. 
  2. One button will take them to the map feature of their phone and direct them to your address.
  3. They can easily send you a quick email, or submit a simple request for information - using a the smart phone keyboard.
  4. They can quickly read your most important news, event, announcements, etc without searching through all the pages of your current website from small phone screen.
  5. They can share your website with others, click to follow or friend you, read your latest blog post or tweet, etc...all on a page designed to make it easy for THEM - which is good for you.

If you are ready to get starting building YOUR mobile website, then call or contact us today.  Most sites can be live and in use within a couple of business days.

The remaining information provided below will provide more details about how mobile websites are created and how they work.  Feel free to contact us to discuss any additional questions you may have.  We will be happy to help and look forward to hearing from you!


What is a mobile website?

Your organizations website was primaily designed to be viewed by a personal computer or laptop user:

  • Lots of information displayed on standard size web pages (640 pixels or more in width).
  • A navigation system which may include multiple menus, multiple levels of menus and other buttons and links to be used with a mouse.
  • Graphics and photos to convey your message in a variety of ways.
  • Enhanced features such as flash, javascript, forms, etc.

While these elements are necessary for a functional website, they don't work well for a user worked with a limited screen size and slower data connection provided via a smart phone. 

One solution is to offer a mobile version of your website.  There are other options which allow you pages to be intelligent enough to adjust to the mobile device; but for many small business organiations; these options can be too time consuming and expensive to create and maintain. In many situations, simply giving the mobile user the information they are most often looking for when trying to connect to you from a mobile device is all they need.  You can always give them an option to view the original website as well, if they choose to do so. 

How does a mobile website work?

That's the easy part.  Normally a visitor to your web site enters you site address, or URL, and the see your webpage.  The address for this site is, for example.

A mobile website is a separate location designed specifically for visitors who are on a smaller screen device.  For example, my mobile website is found at  It is a completely different website, but that's OK.  It doesn't have all of the extras which make using a full blown website difficult on a small device.

So do I have to advertise TWO website addresses for my site now?

No.  Understandably, A mobile website isn't very effective if no one sees it of course.  There are a couple of steps we take to solve this problem. 

  1. For most webistes, we can insert a little bit of 'code' into your existing website which automatically shows the user the best webpages depending on which device they are using.  So if they go to from a iPhone, the 'code' knows it is an iPhone, and will take them to your mobile website instead.  Automatically.
  2. A link can be placed on your main website to let people choose to see the 'mobille version'  also.

How do a get a mobile website address to use?

We also have a couple of options here as well.

  1. We can provide a separate address for you and take smartphone users to it automatically when needed.  This method is a little easier because you don't have to do anything to setup a new web address.  Your mobile site address would be something like
  2. We can help you create a new 'sub domain' on your existing web address that is specifically for your mobile website.
  3. We can help you register a new domain name for your mobile website - such as  (.mobi is a new domain extension that is designed to organize mobile websites under a standard name, like .com or .gov)

Which way is best?

At a minimum, we suggest creating a subdomain for your existing web address  (option 2).  This can be done quickly and we can assist you if needed for a nominal fee - less than $30 - or you can do this yourself if you are comfortable working with your domain registration and control panel.

This all sounds a little complex, but it honestly is very routine process and can be done quickly.  The great thing is we can handle all of this for you if needed.

Regardless of which address you choose to use, the most important thing is to remember that you NEED a mobile website for your customers - so using any of these options is much better than using none of them.

Don't I need a mobile application? 

"There's an app for that" - has become a common phrase, and with over 300,000 iPhone and Android apps available its easy to see why.  But creating a mobile application is still a larger investment than a mobile website, and it has some real drawbacks as well for a typical organization or local small business...

  • Apps are more expensive to build.  They do require more complex programming and  take more time.
  • Your customers have to install your app.  For many users, it will be hard to convince them to add another app to there phone as well.
  • You may need more than one.  The app created for an iPhone won't work on the Blackberry or the Android, and vice versa.

Apps are wonderful, but if a customer is simply trying to find a place to buy tires, wants to get the address of a local restaurant or need to check the hours of operation for your store - they don't want to install an app.  Every mobile device has a web browser and every mobile device user knows how to use it.   Providing a mobile website is the most affordable and convenient way for you to get basic information to your customers. 

Ready to explore your options for creating a custom mobile website? Contact us today for a no-obligation review.

Customer Testamonials

Took the initiative to develop our church web page...ensured that any issues were resolved in a timely manor and with a high level of quality.

John G, Assoc. Pastor