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Affordable SEO and Local SEO Services

Do you need affordable SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and local seo services?  Enable Technology consultants are the local seo experts!  In fact, we only focus on the needs of small and medium business who require local ranking results.  This does not mean we don't understand all aspects of the SEO business.  The best rankings require the right mixture of local and standard seo techniques.  But we love to work with small to medium sized organizations, so we continue to do what we know and enjoy. 

 "What in the world have you done on our leisure website??  Holy cow, we get 2-3 quality leads per week!!!  That's awesome!  If you ever need a reference or testimonial, I'll be happy to do it!"

Julie -

You may be wondering, "Where are the affordable SEO Packages?".  Every local SEO site we found sold the seo services as monthly packages that start at no less than $100 and most often are several hundred dollars per month.  Well, our goal is to be affordable AND good.  Rather than assuming we know what your website needs before having even seen it;  we prefer to take a "be nimble" and "be quick" approach.  We will work with you to understand your goals, evaluate where things stand and implement an approach that lets you proceed as little or as far as you wish.  Getting starting can often get you in the right direction though...



Many websites, especially those which were created for small business, have never really been optimized for local search at all.  Sure the sites have a few keywords posted and a description to boot, but these terms are often repeated on many pages; are not coordinated with the content and other marketing activities the business has implemented and as a result - they aren't working.  We like to refer to this as low hanging fruit.

Many websites can benefit from going after this low hanging fruit, which isn't an extremely time consuming process and certainly doesn't demand that you do monthly updates.

  • Understand your search goals and determine what is realistic in the near term and the long term
  • Analyze your current site and content
  • Understand your related marketing efforts
  • Provide options and estimates to achieve our goals, including an seo checklist of steps you can take on your own.
  • Implement the plan.
  • Monitor, measure and report on the results (automatically sent to your inbox every month, no extra charge)
  • Conduct a review at least annually
  • Take more aggressive steps if you are ready to go after some 'big dog' keywords

Of course it is not realistic to think you can compete with Home Depot for the keyword "hardware store" by taking this appraoch;  but that really isn't a realistic goal if your hardware store is a local business in Springfield, Missouri.  You need to be found when someone is looking for "hardware store springfield" or something similar.

In addition to your 'on page' efforts included in our affordable seo service, we also help support your ranking by taking full advantage of the many free options available specifially for local places of business.  These include range from regional directories to getting your location identified in Google Places. 

As you rankings improve, your business grows and your market expands - you may want then consider more aggresive tactics; and we will be ready to help.

  • Social Media campaigns (Scheduling routine updates to Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Linked In, Pintrest, etc)
  • Engaging in customers to actually serve them through social media.  Customers love that - and when they love it, they talk about it.  Google loves that!
  • Building a blog to talk about your products, services and areas of expertise
  • Content creation and seo copywriting
  • Creating a mailing or newsletter to keep your clients and customers informed
  • Implementing pay per click ads on Facebook, Google, industry specific websites and more

With as many as 97% of consumers searching for local businesses online, you can't afford to not be found and Enable Technology affordable small business seo service is here to help. 

Contact Enable Technology today to learn more about our affordable seo services. 

This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it - 888-501-9401





Mobile Web design services  - affordable mobile websites quickly!

Do you still believe mobile websites are only for large companies, aren't necessary for your business or are too costly for you to provide?

  • Over 25% of web site access in the US is by users who only use a mobile smart phone.
  • The cost of 'unlimited data' plans has created a rapid increase in adoption of mobile web access by everyone.
  • The number of world wide mobile subscribers increased from 4.6 billion in 2009 to 5.3 at the end of 2010...or 77% of the worlds population.
  • The number one use of mobile data is to search.

The immense popularity of Androids, iPhone and tablet devices has caused this rate of adoption to continue its rapid increase into 2011.  The volume of internet traffic being transferred via smart phones is expected to exceed the traffic from traditional devices (laptops/desktops) by 2015. 

Anyone who wants to have viable Internet presence needs to have a working mobile website.  And now you can.

Until recently, a mobile website would cost several thousand dollars to create and host.  Thankfully the development tools and standards have improved, and high quality, affordable mobile websites can be created quickly.  Enable Technology can provide a mobile version of your website for as little as $149.



Domain Name Registration

Enable Technology provides Domain registration and management services for our customers.  In order to facilitate the security, legal ownership and ongoing renewal process for your domain name, we provide you with a registration service via our website.  Please register your project and corporate domains through the following links which will allow us to provide the needed technical services and make the entire process of managing your web services as simple for you as possible.

Our registration fees (.com, .us, .net, etc) range from $9.99 to $12.99 per year; this INCLUDES free domain name protection - a service which others charge an additional $5.00-12.00 per year for!

Domain Registration Tips:

  • Search Engines look more favorably on domains which are registered for longer periods - so consider getting a two year or longer registration.
  • Enable Technology can provide support for a large number of extensions; if you are interested in one that is not shown select "other" and enter the extension. 
    * We will contact you regarding the fee for the domain, as some extensions have different fees to obtain the domain name.
  • If you wish to obtain the domain name and use it long term as part of your internet presence, you may want to register multiple extensions to protect it from being used by others.
  • We will handle all of the details regarding the registration.  If you have not done so already, we will discuss where you wish to point your domain name too (A new web site, an existing web site, etc).
  • Consider getting a domain name for special activities, projects, groups, events, etc.  Domain registration is very affordable and in most cases a domain name can be pointed to any variety of internet destination- including specific pages on existing sites, your company Facebook page, a social site like Ning and more.

Click Here to visit our Domain Registration site, enter a Domain Name to Search and check pricing/availability:


Website Maintenance Services

Everybody needs a helping hand sometimes!  Many of our customers just need knowledgeable assistance in making routine changes to an existing site.  No problem, we love to help and it only makes sense for us to take care of the technology while you focus on your core business.  We have extensive experience with   We often can find a solution that will also help you eliminate a time consuming, frustrating or underperforming aspect of your web content management process or website administration duties.  This may be to provding an automatic method to post your latest events or automating the backup of your website.

If you need ongoing assistance to help operate your site while you focus on your business, we can also discuss managed services such as:

  • Website traffic and performance reporting.
  • Proactive site monitoring, so you know when the site changes, goes down or has a performance issue.
  • Managed site security - to ensure your CMS or other web software is configured and kept current to avoid any security or Internet threats.
  • Search Engine Optimization and SEO status reporting.
  • Automated content distribution or upload.

Advanced services include complete website design or refresh, SEO website design and SEO strategy, social site integration and much much more.


If you are looking for a simple hosting plan for a short term event, single page 'business card' site, starter site for your organization or personal site for you and your family...Enable Technology offers very affordable self service options.  Please note that these plans do not include any managed services which support search engine optimization, data backup and related higher performance needs of business customers.  Most plans DO include an easy to use web site builder utility that will allow you to get a website online quickly while still providing features such as:

  • Photo albums
  • email using your domain name, with multiple addresses
  • SPAM and virus protection
  • Blogs and Bulletin boards
  • Full control of the web site and domain, including the ability to quickly install add on software.
  • Plans start as low as $ 4.00 per month.

You may register for a new internet domain name and sign up for hosting on our Enable Customer Site.  This will open up a new page.

If you are a business who needs web site design, assistance with your web strategy and the confidence that comes from a managed hosting service at a very affordable rate - Please look at our Managed Hosting Services which includes regular backups, proactive site administration, security oversight and more...