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Web Hosting

If you are seeking complete website services including web hosting in Kansas City, Enable Technology is the answer.  Our website hosting services are designed to compliment our high quality Kansas City web development services to give you a total internet solution. We work with clients across the United States to delivery Midwestern honesty, dependability at an affordable price and in a quality manner.

Your website is an integral part of your business and you need assurances that your site will continually be available and deliver your products, services and information.   When we tried to find these hosts for our website design projects and customers, we could only find pieces of what was needed.  We have established hosting services to ensure our clients get the quality web hosting they require.

In addition to the traditional hosting features provided by the 'Value Hosting Companies", including ample disk space, bandwidth, ftp, email accounts, etc; we also included several value added hosting features for our clients.

Enable Technology Web Hosting Plans

All of our Managed Web Hosting Plans include the following services you WILL NOT find with traditional, value or low cost hosting plans.

  • Regular backups of your specific applications and data which we transferred off site and store on a redundant disk. ('Cheap hosting companies' might perform backups also; but that is for them to recover from server failures.  Many of them store those backups at the same location the server is running as well.  When you need to use a backup, you will be be expected to know how to restore your site or pay them to figure it out for you - costing you time and money).
  • 24x7 web site monitoring.  If your site is down for more than 5 minutes, we will know about and so can you.  ('Cheap Hosting' services only monitor the server you are on, not your specific applications and websites).  We can also let you know of any issues that occur automatically if you desire.
  • Automatic site performance monitoring and reporting.  How much has your site been offline? How well is it performing?  We will setup the tools to ensure you obtain regular reports on the activity of your site.
  • Application Security Management.  For specific applications such as Joomla, Moodle, DNN, Wordpress and other CMS systems, we will make sure your site is secure by coordinating with you to install any security related software updates for you- for no additional fee!
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Reports.  We will provide you with automated reports on how your site is performing online.  We can also work with you to evaluate search engine strategies and improve your results for specific products, services and in particular markets, and deliver additional services to track specific on-line campaigns.
  • Website traffic reports, delivered to your email box every month.
  • Our servers are not oversubscribed or oversold like most low cost or cheap hosting services.  You site will perform faster and be consistently available.


We are the best Joomla, best Wordpress and best CMS managed hosting provider you can find. 

Ready to Get Started Today?

Managed Web Hosting Plans for our website development customers start for as little as $15 per month.  View all of our Managed Website Hosting Plans, register for a new Internet domain name and sign up for reliable AND MANAGED hosting services today! 

Please note that we are not a bulk host, and our services are primarily targeted at those considering a new website project or working with Enable Technology for Internet services.  If your current needs are best meet by managing your own hosting through a low cost hosting site, we encourage you to evaluate the hosting company thoroughly and avoid making a decision solely based upon the hosting price.   For companies who are currently only needing to find a a better host; we would recommend the high level of service and support in hosting service from Ferguson Computer Services.

If you do find in the future that the time and expertise required to manage your own hosting account is not an optimal use of your time - then feel free to contact us, we will be happy to discuss how our services may provide an affordable and reliable alternative at any time you may need our assistance.

Customer Testamonials

Randy Dickey (Enable Technology) has outstanding knowledge and experience in IT solutions and strategies, not to mention his strong work ethic and responsiveness. We are very pleased with the services and would definitely recommend Enable Technology to anyone looking for reliable and efficient ...

A. Nixon